Monday, August 8, 2011

In regards to the current state of Washington politics

This BS has been going on for so long in Washington on both sides, long before the Tea Party was even created or Obama assumed office. You don't get to a $14 trillion (heading to $17 trillion) federal debt overnight. It is disgusting the way the congress has operated for the last 30+ years. Knowing factually, that Medicare and Social Security were on a collision course with nuclear disaster, demographics 60 years in the making; and doing NOTHING to address the issue. The robbing of the Social Security trust fund. The complete and total intellectual dishonesty of Social Security as a "savings" plan. Calling a reduction in spending a "cut" when it is actually just spending less than planned but more than last year. All of this insults my intelligence. We are reaping what we sow. The SHEEPLE of this country don't invest a second of their time trying to understand the complex economic issues involved with our current financial position, as if the majority of them even have the mental capacity to understand. Referring to the TP as "baggers", the demonizing of the other side, the personal attacks, the calls for impeachment in what seems every administration these days; all of this does NOTHING to further the debate or break down the contentious nature of the discourse in Washington. The two party system was built to be adversarial, but for most of the history of this country - the two sides were able to come together enough to do the people's business. It used to be that the two parties agreed on what needed to be done for the people and the country, they just disagreed on HOW to get it done. Now, IMHO, there is little agreement on priorities and needs to be addressed first. All I see is total and complete FAILURE in Washington with the people's business being the major casualty. We have come 180 degrees from JFK's "Ask ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." The entitlement mentality of the SHEEPLE is a poison that is ruining America. Almost 45 million people on food stamps. 50% of the working public paying $0 in income tax. What is wrong with this picture? This country needs CHANGE of some sort - unfortunately the needed change is an attitude adjustment by our citizenry in regards to what government is, and has the capacity to do. This change will not be driven by the greedy self-interested political class. I am so pessimistic about the future direction of this country - I'm spitting nails. *End of Rant*

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